The SGSI MapEngines™ Suite

Manage Fast-Changing And Diverse Data Feeds.

SGSI MapEngines™ is a suite of highly-configurable, scalable software perfect for small teams who need to efficiently manage and analyze fast-changing data from different markets and jurisdictions.

The suite consists of three software editions: MapEngines for Wireless, MapEngines for Retail™ and MapEngines for Public Safety™.

Produce And Analyze Continent-Wide Maps And Reports From Diverse, Localized Data.

Wireless RF networks, store fleets, and public safety events continuously change. Organizations depend on the analytics systems’ ability to respond very quickly and efficiently. SGSI’s MapEngines™ “continuous update” technology makes this possible: automatically loading, integrating, reporting and mapping the incoming raw data feeds.

The Benefits Of SGSI’s MapEngines™

Increase Accuracy
Continuously-update based on the latest inventory of sites, devices &/or competitors.

Improve Precision
Unlike competing technologies, MapEngines‘ analytic lens is smooth and seamless. Signal strength (RF), trade areas and hot spots can display as smoothly-contoured regions.

Increase Consistency
Apply a nationally-consistent methodology to compute RF coverage, retail trade area or public safety hotspots.

Speed Update Cycles
Shift from monthly or quarterly updates to weekly or even daily reports and map analysis. Process 24×7 to support operations across multiple time zones.

Gain More Agile Decision-Making
In real-time, link MapEngines™ to Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, or data warehouses, to reduce the “time to decision”.

Lower Personnel Costs
Markedly reduce the manual  effort required for routine updates by taking advantage of MapEngines™ automated processing, including auto-pickup of input raw data and delivery of finished outputs.

MapEngines For Wireless™

Analytics Power For Small Teams

SGSI’s MapEngines for Wireless is a robust solution designed specifically to help manage and analyze the data from more than 10,000 cell sites. In addition to the full benefits of SGSI MapEngines, Map Engines for Wireless provides specific functions for RF GIS teams:

Produce and analyze seamless, continent-wide coverage maps and reports built from diverse market data.

Update maps faster with less effort. Using ‘auto-launch’ and ‘partial-map update’ technology, shift from monthly or quarterly coverage map updates to weekly, daily or continuous.

Perform highly complex spatial operations. MapEngines™applies internal ‘chunking’ algorithms to process highly-detailed spatial data without interruption.

Apply nationally-consistent algorithms to resolve inconsistencies in data resolution, map projection and map styles in raw data received from different RF markets.

MapEngines For Retail™

Increase Business Agility

Designed for retailers and financial retail networks managing thousands of branches or other outlets, MapEngines for Retail improves business agility. In addition to the full benefits of SGSI MapEngines, MapEngines™ for Retail also enables:

Business Agility for Corporate Management

MapEngines™ empowers executives to make revenue-positive decisions quickly, by promptly re-estimating the revenue, customer and trade area impacts of opening or closing a store.

Business Agility for Front-line Branch Managers

MapEngines™ engages and motivates managers to re-focus based on fast-changing economic and competitive circumstances by automatically refreshing store-specific map and statistical analyses, taking into account the latest store openings/closing, demographic data, point-of-sale (POS) data, and competitors (optional).

MapEngines For Public Safety™

Manage Tracked Mobile Devices And Crime Events

Designed for law enforcement teams managing fast-changing incident data from multiple jurisdictions, as well as highly-dynamic tracked mobile devices, MapEngines for Public Safety gives analysts and command centers the data they need to secure public safety in their communities. In addition to the full benefits of SGSI MapEngines, MapEngines™ for Public Safety include:

Provide Continuous Information

Based on the latest crime event and/or mobile device locations, law enforcement teams get fast and accurate data to help manage incidents and track the location of mobile devices

Inform Budget Decisions

Using crime and incident data, managers can more effectively make budget-positive decisions based on real-time need.

Real-time Prioritization and Focus

Based on the immediacy of reporting and mapping, up-front teams get the information they need to adapt to changing situations, enabling a more effective and efficient response.

We Can Help

SGSI works with some of the nation’s largest companies and municipalities as well as local and regional companies and municipalities. Our goal is to give organizations the information they need to improve operations, customer service, and the bottom line.

For a complimentary assessment of how MapEngines™ can contribute to your bottom line, please send us an email at or give us a call  +1-206-224-0800.