Thank you for your interest in Schlosser Geographic Systems, Inc! We are a GIS software and service provider headquartered in Seattle, and we are currently hiring for a Software Tester and member of our Operations Team

As a member of the Operations team your responsibilities will vary day-to-day or even hour-to-hour. Your primary role as a newer member of the team will be to test software in-development. Testing involves reading the User Stories that define the work closely and critically and ensuring that the developed software meets or exceeds the documented requirements – which are communicated with a series of Acceptance Tests. Some testing requires extensive and careful data setup and analysis using tools including SQL Server Management Studio, R Studio, MapInfo Pro and Microsoft Excel. As errors or other unexpected behaviors are discovered, you will document them and collaborate with the Development team to help resolve them.

Operations team members work collaboratively with fellow members of their team and the Development team to learn and share skills and to offer support when facing challenging technical problems. SGSI is a collaborative workplace and all team members are encouraged to ask for help when facing obstacles.

Members of the Operations team also help plan upcoming development work, with a particular focus on designing thorough Acceptance Tests and ensuring that proposed designs offer high-quality solutions for users.

As you gain experience and familiarity with our applications and processes, your role may expand, depending on your skills and interests. Operations team members also provide customer support, define program requirements alongside customers, perform system administration on both Windows and Linux machines and build and deploy scripting solutions to help automate deployments, testing and business processes.

Due to our company’s COVID-19 policies, this position will be a full-time remote position through the end of 2021. Management has not yet made a final decision about if, when, or how often we will ask employees to return to work in our downtown Seattle office.

Skills You Will Use

  • Reading and comprehending technical requirements.
  • Clear and succinct technical writing skills
  • Ability to quickly learn new software and technical skills
  • Ability to research and troubleshoot technical issues
  • Familiarity with Agile development
  • Familiarity with multi-component software architecture and distributed processing.
  • Familiarity with SQL queries and databases
  • Familiarity with scripting tools/languages such as Python, Groovy, R and PowerShell
  • Familiarity with testing tools like PostMan, SoapUI, jMeter and Karate


  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Collaborative approach with team members
  • Ability to prioritize and shift smoothly between tasks
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts professionally
  • Ability to accept and offer constructive feedback
  • Willingness to ask for and offer help as needed
  • Willingness to take ownership of responsibilities and decisions
  • Active engagement with commitment to helping create an inclusive workplace.

Full time employee benefits include:

  • a comprehensive health insurance plan
  • company matching 401K retirement plan
  • standard business holidays (including your birthday)
  • sick and safe time exceeding the requirements of Seattle law
  • vacation time starting at 10 days per year and increasing to a maximum of 17 days per year
  • a yearly profit-sharing bonus
  • optional 40 hours paid volunteer time
  • annual COLA salary adjustments
  • Monthly “opposite” days to pursue innovation ideas and present to the team.

To apply for this position, please fill out the Skills Matrix and Questionnaire and return it along with your resume to:

Schlosser Geographic System, Inc.
Attn: Meghan Durovchic
600 University St, Suite 3012
Seattle, WA 98101