SGSI PreviousVIEWS™ – Add-On For MapInfo Pro

Expand the Number of Previous Map Views in MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro only allows one (1) previous view, which limits analysts and GIS team members from seeing the view they need. Using SGSI’s PreviousVIEWS,  return up to five (5) previous map views in any map window.

SGSI PreviousVIEWS increases user efficiency within MapInfo Pro when working in multiple areas of a map or needing to view results at different zooms. 

PreviousVIEWS is installed as a separate menu option within MapInfo Pro so it is always available.


See More Views

SGSI PreviousVIEWS augments MapInfo Pro. Instead of returning just one previous view, PreviousVIEWS allows return for up to five previous views. A simplified map navigation between multiple views keeps access fast.

All standard features of MapInfo Pro remain enabled including map layering, data-driven (thematic) mapping, and map data editing. Best of all, PreviousVIEWS can be automatically installed, upon startup of MapInfo Pro so it’s always there when it’s needed.

Learn More About PreviousViews

PreviousVIEWS is normally licensed per-user. Volume discounts apply and site licenses or enterprise licenses are possible. Please email us at, or call us at 206-224-0800 for additional license options.

Note: PreviousViews requires MapInfo Professional for Windows. Discounts may apply if you have previously purchased MapInfo Pro from SGSI.