SGSI MapGen™ — An Add-On For MapInfo Pro

Increase Functionality And Usability Of MapInfo Pro

SGSI MapGen auto-generates large numbers of maps “in series” for sales and marketing territories, distinct locations, or network coverage. The MapGen application provides high-value right out-of-the-box. However, some organizations also want additional integration with their internal work processes for an extra productivity gain. SGSI MapGen is fully customizable to fit your needs.

Simple, Accurate Map Generation

MapGen™ is an add-on software for Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional.™ It efficiently enables auto-generation of map sets, and batch printing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of MapInfo™ workspaces unattended.

Produce Large Numbers Of Maps In A Series

Every map in a series displays the same underlying layers: streets, political boundaries, railroads, competitor sites, or other maps, so they have a consistent look and feel.  But each map is distinct because its view is centered on a single facility or other geographic feature. Each map may also have a map title or other annotation that is unique to the specific feature.

Customize Individual Maps In The Set

MapGen saves individual workspaces for each map. Open any individual workspace to edit the MapGen produced map, using MapInfo Professional’s familiar editing tools. This is particularly useful to re-position auto-positioned map labels or add map-specific notes or other markup.

Auto-Generate Sets Of Maps

With MapGen, one creates sets of maps which are essentially alike, but with each map centered on a different geographic point or region. For example, depending on the industry, series of maps may be needed for each:

  • Store, bank branch or another facility type in the network;
  • Coverage area served by a wireless RF cell site;
  • Property in a table of real estate for sale or rent;
  • County in the state;
  • Voter precinct or polling place in the county;
  • Transit stop or station.

Batch-Print MapInfo Workspaces

The MapGen™ “Print Workspaces” option, “batch” prints hundreds or even thousands of MapInfo Professional™ workspaces, not only those created by MapGen™ itself. Simply configure the type of output you want and  MapGen™ creates it. Supports Bitmap images (JPEG, GIF, etc), PDF and hard copy.