The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expect to see.

  ~  John W. Tukey. Exploratory Data Analysis

At SGSI, we help organizations define and deploy software and data solutions to analyze complex spatial data (also known as geospatial data or geographic information). We use our deep expertise in GIS (geographic information systems) to automate location intelligence, improving operational efficiencies while providing the data needed to make sound business decisions.

We are a leading reseller of GIS software, including the award-winning Precisely MapInfo Pro and Spectrum Spatial software solutions. We also offer our proprietary software, such as SGSI MapEngines™ and SGSI MapGen™,  as well as a vast digital data catalog including telecommunications data, street data, and topographical maps.

Precisely Software

SGSI is a top reseller of Precisely Software products. For more than 20 years, SGSI and Precisely have worked together to provide location intelligence solutions to some of the best-known companies in the world. We commit to automate tasks whenever possible, and to provide exceptional customer experience to every client.

MapInfo Professional®

Discover Opportunities

MapInfo Pro helps organizations better understand the locations that matter most to their business. Organizations see patterns and trends more easily when market data is presented in maps, charts, and graphs. Untapped business opportunities get discovered, and more informed decisions get made.


Improve Data Quality

MapMarker, with CASS certification, corrects, standardizes and geocodes address information in just one step. Cascading match logic delivers the highest level of precision. Using postal and spatial addresses from leading data providers including TomTom Points and NAVTEQ Point Addresses, MapMarker generates the most comprehensive sets of address-level XY geocodes available and improves overall data quality in the process.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) is an out-of-the-box (OOTB) business analysis solution that uses powerful webmapping capabilities that enable users to view, share, edit, query, interact and understand their business and spatial data while using their favorite browser or device. SSA can be installed on physical or virtual servers.

Spectrum Spatial For BI

Apply Location Intelligence

Spectrum Spatial delivers interactive mapping, spatial analysis, and operational Location Intelligence to audiences within and beyond the organization. Spectrum Spatial provides standards-based Web Services technology, a suite of location capabilities commonly used across hundreds of application requirements – and the ability to centrally manage and apply those capabilities enterprise-wide.

SGSI Software

For more than a decade, SGSI has analyzed business problems and applied map & spatial technology to solving problems in your industry. We understand what works and what doesn’t. We develop software that automates routine tasks and extends the functionality of Precisely software applications. These software solutions improve efficiency, scalability and insights from the big data sets our customers manage.

SGSI MapEngines™

Analyze Fast-Changing Data

SGSI MapEngines is a suite of three programs designed for small analytics teams. Using MapEngines, teams efficiently produce and analyze complex, seamless, continent-wide maps and reports built from diverse, localized data. MapEngines is a highly-configurable, scalable solution built by the SGSI team to both support our clients’ day to day operations and to aid in planning and strategic analysis.

GIS Add-Ons For MapInfo Pro

Enhance MapInfo Professional Usability

SGSI has an unusually close and long-term relationship with Precisely. With this experience and knowledge of their software, we have developed several add-ons for MapInfo Pro in order to gain even more automation, functionality, and usability.

The SGSI MapGen MBX auto-generates large numbers of maps in series – sales or marketing territories, specific locations, etc. The MapGen application is highly valuable out-of-the-box. Some users find additional integration with their internal work processes to be an extra productivity gain – SGSI can fully customize the MapGen product to fit your needs.

The SGSI Distance Calculator MBX efficiently calculates the distance between map objects. The flexible, configurable interface is accessible in the MapInfo menu system for fast and powerful calculating right when you need it to manage distance and related risk for any geographic features: retail networks, flood risk, level of service, and more.

SGSI Services

Deploying enterprise-wide applications often requires custom integration, software development and training. As an award-winning Precisely reseller for more than two decades, we have worked to deepen our expertise and provide extraordinary value for our customers.

Our proprietary development and implementation processes have been honed and tested over the last 25 years, ensuring a high-reliability solution for you. Valued for our knowledge and our commitment to customer care, we work hard to ensure your software deployment is working exactly as you need it to.

In addition to the products and data we sell, we offer custom software development, site selection analysis and custom training for your teams.

Mapping and spatial software, like all off-the-shelf products, is designed to serve a wide variety of industries and applications. As such, it cannot be optimized for the day-to-day work processes of any single industry or workgroup. The solution: software customization.

Post-delivery software support is a part of each SGSI software project budget. SGSI uses a secure web-based support system for online questions and answers.

We have many training options and we can optimize our lessons to fit your company’s specific needs. Whether your team comes to our office or we go to yours, rest assured your team will come away with the knowledge and skills they need to do amazing and productive things with MapInfo Pro.