MapInfo® Pro 12.5

A Powerful GIS and Mapping Application for Location Intelligence

When clients ask us to help them understand the opportunities and risks for specific locations, we turn to MapInfo Pro 12.5 to discover the answers. MapInfo Pro is a robust mapping and geographic analysis application for visualizing relationship between data and geography. The detailed maps and graphics illuminate patterns and trends for more informed decisions.

Pitney Bowes announced MapInfo® Pro v12.5 as a transformational release with significant improvements that will help every GIS professional, engineer or analyst. MapInfo® Pro v12.5 is available in both a 32 bit and a full native 64 bit version.

Easier Than Ever To Use MapInfo Pro

The 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro has an all new ribbon-based user interface. Everyday tasks are easier to learn and do than ever before. This new interface takes MapInfo Pro’s renowned combination of power and ease-of-use further than ever before!

SGSI offers advanced technical support and training to help companies get the most out of their MapInfo Pro installation. 

Create High Quality Layouts With Ease

All new in 12.5, the Layout Designer makes it quicker and easier than ever before to prepare Layouts for printing and sharing. The new Layout Toolbar appears in the 32 bit version. The 64 bit version uses a tab on the ribbon. Grids and guidelines make lining things up a snap!

A new Image Control makes it easy to embed pictures, logos and images of all types using the Layout windows, too.

SGSI works with you to automate many of the routine functions freeing engineers to work on the most important opportunities and initiatives for the company.

Faster and Stronger for Faster, Better Results

MapInfo® Pro v12.5 brings improved productivity and performance.

In particular, buffering and other object processing tasks will get done faster than ever before.

  • The 64 bit MapInfo® Pro v12.5 will take advantage of the memory in your computer. Earlier versions of MapInfo®Pro make use of a maximum of 2GB RAM (on 32 bit systems) or 4GB RAM (on 64 bit systems). This leads to incremental performance improvements in many areas of the software.
  • Both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of MapInfo® Pro 12.5 will take advantage of multiple cores/processors for buffering and other object processing tasks! This can result in dramatic reductions in the length of time needed to do these operations.

For decades, SGSI has worked with both leading companies around the world as well as local and regional organizations to automate and optimize location intelligence with MapInfo Pro.


“MapInfo is mission critical for the work we do analyzing conservation projects.”

Dawn Woodruff,
Monitoring & IT Coordinator