GIS Add-Ons for MapInfo Pro

Enhance MapInfo Professional usability

SGSI has an unusually close and long-term relationship with Pitney Bowes. With this experience and knowledge of their software, we have developed several Add-Ons for MapInfo Pro in order to gain even more automation, functionality, and usability. These include:


MapInfo Pro only allows one (1) previous view, which limits analysts and GIS team members from seeing the view they need.  Using SGSI’s PreviousVIEWS,  return up to five (5) previous map views in any map window. Find out more here.

SGSI MapGen™

SGSI MapGen auto-generates large numbers of maps “in series” for sales and marketing territories, distinct locations, or network coverage. The MapGen application provides high-value right out-of-the-box. However, some organizations also want additional integration with their internal work processes for an extra productivity gain. SGSI MapGen is fully customizable to fit your needs. Find out more here.

SGSI Distance Calculator™

SGSI Distance Calculation efficiently calculates the distance between map objects. The flexible, configurable interface is accessible in the MapInfo menu system for fast and powerful calculating right when you need it. Managing distance and related risk for any geographic features: retail networks, flood risk, level of service, and more. Find out more here.