MapInfo® Pro

A Powerful GIS And Mapping Application for Location Intelligence

SGSI offers advanced technical support and training to help companies get the most out of their MapInfo® Pro installation. 

Pitney Bowes announced MapInfo® Pro as their first 64-bit only release along with significant improvements to help every GIS professional, engineer or analyst.

See what’s new below:

Interactive Thematic Mapping

Easily visualize and analyze data with the Theme ribbon tab.

Select the thematic layer and the new ribbon tab appears.

Instant feedback from gallery controls makes everything easier to learn and easier to use.

Interactive ranges now appear in the layers list.

Change the column being mapped with a couple of clicks.

Geocoding For All

Starting in v16, every MapInfo® Pro user can access the Precisely online Global Geocoder.

1000 credits per month (per user)

  • City/postal level geocode = 1 credit per geocode
  • Street level (or better) = 5 credits per geocode

Premium Services customers receive 2000 credits per month (per user).

Upgrade plans are available for those who require additional geocoding.

Upgrade With MapInfo Pro Advanced

Next generation raster GIS capabilities provided as an add-in to MapInfo® Pro.

Innovative grid format and high performance engine.

Great performance with very large grid files.

  • Takes advantage of industry standard compression methods
  • Efficiently displays data at all zoom levels (“pyramiding”)

Support for both numeric, classified (categorical) and imagery data in the same file.

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“MapInfo is mission critical for the work we do analyzing conservation projects.”

Dawn Woodruff,
Monitoring & IT Coordinator