Who We Are

SGSI was incorporated in 1993 as a GIS software and services firm. We create custom applications for both the web as well as distributed and scalable workflow applications. Many of our applications rely on specialty GIS/mapping software, especially from the MapInfo family of products.

A large proportion of our customer base is in the telecommunication industry. Our applications help cell phone companies maintain their nationwide coverage maps, decide where to place cellular antennas, respond to natural disasters, determine where to open brick and mortar stores, test their emergency 911 systems, and evaluate what bandwidth to license during FCC auctions. The work requires mathematics, logic, cartography, database construction and analysis, automated testing, user interface design, and full stack development.

Who We Are, Really

SGSI is a different sort of workplace than you may be used to. As a small services company, we offer an  alternative to the 24/7 warrens of technology giants. We are the 21st century equivalent of a family business where employees are treated like people and where work-life balance is equally important to maximizing profits. We want our people not merely to be happy in their jobs but to thrive in their lives. And not just employees. We often work with clients over months or years at a time, and they become part of our family as well.

“When the company says they care about their employees, they really mean it, it is not just lip service.”
– Software Engineer, 3 years at SGSI

“The team is great, and we … make time for each other and help everyone progress and grow. On top of that, [the managers] all continue to have a vested interest in keeping everyone happy and healthy and see that we’re appreciated/valued. That level of personal attention isn’t going to be found at a larger company or even very many small ones.”
– Software Engineer, 2 years at SGSI

“Months of daily contact with one client led to us becoming friends outside work. When I mentioned in passing that I would be spending the next weekend tearing down a collapsed shed on my property, he showed up at my house on Saturday with a sledge hammer.”
– Software Development Manager, 26 years at SGSI

We encourage listening, communication, mentoring, and collaboration in our daily work cycle. We want everyone to have a voice. Often, the best ideas come from suggestions that weren’t initially well received. And because we are a small team, employees can try their hands at many things.

“I can suggest changes to processes and the suggestions are always weighed even if they are not acted on – I am heard.”
– Software Engineer, 2 years at SGSI

“I knew I couldn’t be entirely self-sufficient. That’s not how I learn. So the fortnight check-ins, the close and collaborative team environment, all of that played a role in my being confident I could succeed.”
– Software Engineer, 2 years at SGSI

“I appreciate having both the independence to work on projects or use skillsets that interest me while also having plenty of support whenever I need help. There are many opportunities, large and small, to take ownership over different projects and responsibilities.”
– Technical Analyst, 2 years at SGSI

We believe that the strongest teams are formed when we honor and respect our differences. We proudly safeguard a community that invites us to show up as we are each day. Valuing our differences in both identity and experience helps us work toward our common goals in ways that demand us to be more mindful and inclusive. We remain committed to being an EEO employer.

“SGSI also makes me feel valued as a person, frequently meeting me with respect when my own experiences inform the ways I like to approach my work, communication, or overall work-life balance.”
– Technical Analyst, 2 years at SGSI

Open Positions with SGSI

We’re always on the lookout for great talent!

If you have coding, testing, DevOps and/or GIS experience, and are looking for a collaborative workplace, we’d love to talk to you about joining our team.

Please see our open positions below and/or reach out with your resume to:

Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Software Tester /
Operations Team Member