At SGSI, we help organizations see their business better.

We are a leading service provider of high-end GIS technologies for efficiently solving complex business problems. Through robust mapping and visualization of geographic business, customer, network and environmental data, SGSI allows organizations and consumers to both see and understand patterns, trends, and opportunities, regardless of the information being mapped.

Some of the world’s largest telecom companies chose SGSI to visualize network performance, and regional and national retail companies use our services to identify growth and expansion opportunities. We work with local and regional utilities, government agencies and transportation departments to help communities run better.

As a client, your long-term success is more important to us than a quick-fix or a short-term win. For nearly 25 years, SGSI has delivered the technical expertise and customer experience our customers rely on to meet their business goals and drive their organizations forward.

Our Team

SGSI is a nimble and responsive team of software engineers, project managers and business analysts. Our small team works in an open floor plan to more easily share ideas and collaborate on solutions. SGSI has earned the Pitney Bowes Software Business Partner of the Year designation numerous times and are frequent contributors at conferences and workshops.

John Tinker


With SGSI since: 1993

What I do at SGSI: Most things except writing code and filing taxes – I leave that to experts on the team.  My passion is for helping people solve real-world business problems that are connected to location.

When I’m not at work I enjoy: Mountain biking, skiing, mountain climbing, photography, parenting two wonderful children.

Favorite Location on the globe:  Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, WY (44.5253,-110.8382)

Christy Heaton

GIS Project Manager

With SGSI since: 2014

What I do at SGSI: I provide GIS expertise to our production process and dig deep into mapping applications prior to deployment to make sure they work as expected. I also give MapInfo trainings, provide tech support to customers, and write Python scripts.

When I’m not at work I enjoy: Traveling, running, GIS Community Organizing. You will often find me at CUGOS and other tech-y meetups.

Favorite location on the globe: Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain (42.2314, -8.7124)

Jason Kaden

GIS Analyst

With SGSI since: 2010

What I do at SGSI: I make sure our customers get the best possible products by overseeing the entire process of creating them– from initial conception to delivery and providing them with continuous support and guidance throughout the product’s lifecycle.

When I’m not at work I enjoy: Hanging out with my wife and kids, cooking, hiking, skiing, biking, watching sports. I like to eat, sleep, repeat.

Favorite location on the globe: Summit of Mt. Aspiring on the South Island of New Zealand (-44.3831,168.7162)

Jennelle Taylor

Customer Relationship Representative

With SGSI Since: 2017

What I do at SGSI: I ensure customer success as a point of contact for customer questions, requests and order fulfillment.

When I’m not at work I enjoy: Hanging out with my cats and roommates, acroyoga, normal yoga, meditating, reading, writing, spending time outside.

Favorite location on the globe: Gasworks Park, Seattle, WA (47.64634,-122.33383)

John Schlosser

Founder / Strategic Consultant

With SGSI since: Inception

What I do at SGSI: I am the founder of SGSI and the company historian. I consult on business strategy and product opportunities and envision new spatial applications.

When I’m not at work I enjoy: Hiking and international travel, sometimes both at once.

Favorite location on the globe: Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii (19.2825, -155.545)

Matthew Katinsky

Senior GIS Programmer/Analyst

With SGSI since: 1995

What I do at SGSI: I perform design, construction, and testing of custom software. I am responsible for modeling and development of mathematical/geometric algorithms and making sure the software does what we said it would.

When I’m not at work I enjoy: Playing the fiddle, jogging, hiking, knitting, reading out loud with my family, playing soccer with my boy, watching my daughter dance, cooking, learning French and Spanish.

Favorite location on the globe: Montpelier, VT (44.2606,-72.5756)

Nancy McGinnis

Office and Accounting Manager

With SGSI since:  2001

What I do at SGSI:  I take care of all things office and accounting.

When I’m not at work I enjoy: Spending time with my husband and three daughters, attending musicals, reading and discussing books with my book club.

Favorite Location on the globe: Home, Sammamish, WA (47.6089, -122.0422)

Peter Nelson

Software Developer

With SGSI since: 2015

What I do at SGSI: I engineer and maintain custom GIS software.

When I’m not at work I enjoy: Playing Go & other games, reading, playing with one of my cats, daydreaming about food, pretending to sleep.

Favorite Location on the globe: Beijing Restaurant, Duluth, MN (46.798808, -92.083240)

Our Values

Provide Great Customer Service

We strive to be the most responsive vendor on your team. We want to be your partner and consultant for years to come, not just another company that sells you software.

Solve problems

We believe in solving problems, especially the hard ones. We work closely with our customers to understand what they are trying to accomplish and to craft solutions that provide answers. We have a long and trusted relationship with the Pitney Bowes Software team, and have worked with the team that first developed the original MapInfo Pro. We bring this expertise into every customer engagement.

Invest in Industry Expertise

We work with all types of businesses and have solved a lot of data challenges over the decades. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we invest in keeping our technical expertise up to date. Our team has in-depth expertise from working with telecommunications companies, retailers, and government agencies.


We are located in beautiful downtown Seattle on the 30th floor of One Union Square.

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Work With Us

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